Union Park Veterinary Hospital
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We are a full service veterinary hospital with cutting edge medical equipment staffed by highly qualified veterinarians and support staff.  We are pleased to offer the following services:
  • Complete Medical Exams and Assessments
    • Wellness and Individualized Vaccination Programs
    • Microchip Pet Identification
    • Heartworm prevention and treatment
    • Flea and Tick Prevention and Treatment
    • Extensive diagnostic laboratory services
    • Cardiology and Heart Health consults
    • Ophthalmology and Tonometry
    • Dermatology consults
    • Endocrinology and Metabolic disorder consults
    • Digital Radiology with option of Radiologist review for an additional charge
    • Geriatric Care and Wellness Programs
    • Nutritional Consults
  • Dentistry and Digital Dental Radiology
    UPVH has a state of the art dental suite and a dental department to address all of your pet's dental needs.
    • Scale and Polish
    • Surgical extractions and other minor and major oral surgery
    • Gingivitis and Periodontal disease assessments and treatment
    • Resorptive lesion and stomatitis treatment
    • Bone Replacement Therapy
    • Endodontics and Bonded Sealants
    • Periodontal treatments using the newest pharmaceuticals and technologies
  • Routine, Soft Tissue, and Orthopedic Surgeries
    • Extensive Pain Management and Control
    • Individualized Anesthetic Protocols
    • State of the Art Monitoring Equipment
  • Pain Assessment and Consults
    • Class IV Therapeutic Laser treatments
    • Multi modal solutions to address your pets pain for long term control
  • Domestic and International Health Certificate (USDA Accredited)

At Union Park Veterinary Hospital, we never compromise patient care, especially when surgery is being performed.  All patients will receive preoperative bloodwork to ensure that each surgical candidate's liver and kidneys can tolerate their individualized anesthetic protocol. Additionally, all surgery patients will receive fluids in order to maintain proper perfusion to kidneys and brain and to maintain adequate blood pressure. 

All animals receiving any form of sedation/anesthesia will be monitored with our multi parameter monitoring equipment.  Heart rate and rhythm (including EKG), oxygen saturation, blood pressure, and temperature will all be monitored closely, the same as if you were having anesthesia performed on yourself. 

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